How do I show my interest?

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Below is a step-by-step guide on how to show interest in a Visit, VisitMe or organisation. The examples are taken from an VisitMe, but works similar for Visits and organisations. There are several advantages to show your interest in a Visit(Me) or organsiation:
The contact person will know you are interested and might contact you in case of any news
The more interested people a Visit(Me) has, the higher it will appear on the Most Popular list. This will give extra attention!
It will be easier to find this Visit(Me) or organisation back in your profile

Step 1: Log in

Show interestFirst thing is to make sure you are registered and logged in. To log in, when you are on the homepage, click on "Already a member? Log in" at the the orange field on the top-right of the page. This orange field is also available on all other pages besides the homepage. Alternatively you can click on the text "become interested". If you are not logged in and you click this, at the top of the page a login field will appear. By entering your username and password you will be able to login.

Confirmation screenWhen you have clicked on on "Already a member? Log in" you will be forwarded to a login page, where you can login.

Step 2: Become interested

Show interest, before
Show interest, afterAfter you have logged in you have to click (again) the text "become interested". After clicking this, you will see that the text will change to "you are interested", and the number of interested people will increase by 1 (in this case to 3). This is all, you are now interested!!
Show interest, Profile pageAfter you have shown interest, click on "my profile" and you will see that on your profile a link to the VisitMe is added, so you can easily find it back later!
Show interest, PopularWhen you click on the VisitMes tab at the top navigation menu, you will go to the main page of VisitMes. Here you can see the 3 most popular VisitMes, which measn the VisitMes with the most interested people. Also if you would click on "-> All Popular VisitMes", or on "popular" in the navigation bar, you will see it appear in a list of all popular VisitMes.