Vadgam Village Childrens Art Gallery

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All of these drawings are made by children of Vadgam Village during a drawing competition organized by Vadgam Social and Welfare Trust on 13 July 2008. If you have any reactions for the children, message me or give a comment below! Or visit Vadgam and meet the children that made these wonderful pictures!

About Vadgam

Vadgam Is situated in Banaskantha District In Gujarat State about 15 km from Palanpur City and 150km from Ahmedabad City. The village is 750 km from Delhi, 800 km from Mumbai (Bombay), 150 km from Ahmedabad, and 15 km from Palanpur. Palanpur is the main city in Banaskantha district of Banaskantha (Gujarat). Vadgam is a Taluka Place.

Most people from Vadgam work in agriculture and live a rural life. They are not knowledgeable about things that happen around the world. Most young people work as diamond cutters. The women generally work in dairy husbandary. Chaudhary, Patel, Rajput, Thakor, Mevada, Goswami and Muslim are the main communities in the village.

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How does your trip to me help?

Your trip helps our community because it is important for the children to have a window into the world outside Vadgam by meeting people from all over the world. Your visit to Vadgam will encourage our children to aspire for more and make something of their lives!

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  • Thanks Brenda for creat a art-gallery for vadgam village children's and Thanks Marc to provide a space on for art-gallery.Hope we get better response from world community for child education and development programme in vadgam village. Regards, NITIN

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