Volunteer in developing Vadgam in India

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We are welcoming people who want to help in developing Vadgam. There are many possibilities in which you can help:

  • Sharing knowledge and different cultural information.
  • Visit Vadgam for some weeks to teach IT to children as a volunteer
  • Think of some child development activity that you will organise yourselves in Vadgam for a day or some days.
  • Findout resources for different business.
  • Help on to education.
  • Help on to Agriculture & Dairy Husbandary
  • Career  Guidance

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Local man in Vadgam

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  • Nitin2550_visitme_festival-of-lights_festival_of_lights.jpg
  • Nitin2550_visitme_children-in-vadgam_children.jpg
  • Nitin2550_visitme_pelle-sijn_Pelle___Sijn___Nitin_House_May-07.jpg
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How does your trip to me help?

Volunteers can help our local projects and people. Help to develop local business and industries. We have a large youth are in a diamond industries who are working on to prepare a rough diamond, if anybody help us in this field than it will be a big opportunity to generate extra income for village youth. Many people are in a agricultural and dairy husbandary, if anybody interested to develop agriculture field than it will be also a big help.Childrens need to know various option of the educ... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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  • marcvanopstal
  • Nitin2550

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How to get there

Vadgam is situated in Banaskantha district in Gujarat 150 km away from Ahmedabad and 15 km from Palanpur. Also have a train and bus facility from Mumbai.

How much does it cost?

We Set up a Vadgam Social & Welfare Trust in village if Visitors to pay advance to this trust before they visit our village the trust will arrange  all arrangements for stay in vadgam OR we  help volunteers/tourist to find a good hotel and transport and they paid themself.

Available days/best time to come

We have a good atmosphere in October to March. We find maximum one week arrangement.